How to get your free Minecraft premium code

Open world games or sometimes referred to as sandbox are now gaining popularity due to their non linear structure that helps the player easily roam the virtualized game environment with no apparent linear levels. The design gives the player the freedom to reach the game optimum, through formulation of his own techniques and strategies, and following his own favorite game level sequence other than being forced to stick to the restricted linear game level sequence. Minecraft is one of the most used sandbox game that have a non linear game structure. It has three dimensional construction games where the user is suppose to construct structures using textured cubes as the building blocks. Let’s now take a close look at the details of this open world game and find out how, where it can be used and how to quickly get the free Minecraft premium gift code.

Minecraft as mentioned earlier is a sandbox building construction game. The game was initially conceptualized and developed by Markus Persson, his company (Mojang) is still improving on the features of this interactive game. The user or player of the game is required to build any imaginable structure of geometrical shape using textured blocks or cubes during the day. During the night, the monsters come out, and the structures need to have been constructed or erected before they emerge as a result of providing shelter against the monsters. The game was developed to be used on Java platform and Java Applet. Since its inception in May, 2009, the game has become popular in the world of virtualization. This is because of its numerous features and the three dimensional effect.

The development of Minecraft has brought about substantial amounts of inspiration from other similar games such as Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress and Infiniminer. The Minecraft, however, can be played in two levels, thus classic and beta. The classic is the elementary level concerned with only building and construction. On the other hand, beta level is an advanced level where the player is exposed to attackers or enemies, the player health that is used to measure the value of player moves and many more additional features.

The two levels, classic and beta come with single player and multiplayer option. In classic level, the player is expected to either build or destruct the structures in the game without being keen about dodging and defending himself against the attackers and surviving other dangers. Nevertheless, in this level, there are minimal numbers of blocks that the player can utilize in order to continue with the constructions. In addition, the players have the choice to place or remove any block at the same time, no matter the differences. Apart from manipulation of these blocks, the players will not have any other environment for interactions in the virtual world. However, it is possible in beta level.

Contrary, the beta level, which is still being updated and developed, has more features where the players are suppose to build structures using mining strategies, survive attackers and many more limiting blocks and obstacles. Apart from the building of structures, the cubes can also be utilized to craft various things like chests, mine carts, weapons, buckets and many more. Also, there is more than one environmental interaction in this mode and the player might do cultivation, hunt animals or mine minerals. Other items such as player health and inventory are also present in this mode. While playing, yielding to monsters attacks and environmental hazards may cause a reduction in value on the health meter, which can be regained by taking various objects within the game.

Due to the enhanced features in the beta, it is available only on purchase and is anticipated to override the class variant soonest. Minecraft is one of the exceptional sandbox games for personal computers, and you can easily acquire your free Minecraft premium after completing a simple and free survey form or register with the official Minecraft website. After you fill in all the required information on the free survey form, an online code will be automatically generated for you, which you can use to validate your Minecraft. These free Minecraft premium code is available to anyone for free. Take action now, go ahead and fill up the survey form here and enjoy this enhanced, creative and interactive construction game!

How To Get Free Minecraft Codes

The indie building game Minecraft can be an incredibly addictive experience. But if you want to get the most out of the game then you will need to upgrade using a Minecraft code. Obtaining these codes can pose a challenge as they can usually only be found by purchasing a costly gift code. However, there is one simple and free solution to this problem. That solution is using a Minecraft Code Generator. Below you can learn what a free Minecraft code generator is and how you can use it to get your own premium upgrade.

What Is A Free Minecraft Code Generator?

A Minecraft Code Generator provides you with a free unique code which allows you to upgrade to a premium account. The tool is absolutely free and generates your new code online without you needing to download any software.

How To Use A Minecraft Code Generator

When you first visit the Free Minecraft Code generator site you will be given the option to share the tool with your social network. If you have friends on who you feel would be interested in the Minecraft Code Generator you can share the details on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. If you choose to share you will be provided with a prewritten message you can share or alternatively you can write your own custom message. If you would prefer to keep the Free Minecraft Code generator as your own secret weapon you can choose not to share the details on your social networks. In this case simply wait for the tool to load.

Once you are on the main homepage you will be given five different short surveys to choose from for you to complete. This is to ensure that only humans and not bots are using the tool. Once you have completed the survey you will be able to access the Minecraft Code Generator. Simply run the generator to produce your minecraft code.

How Does The Free Minecraft Generator Work?

The Minecraft Generator enters into the main Minecraft server where it retrieves packets. This process can take a little bit of time but at the end of the process it will generate a completely unique code that will allow you to upgrade to a premium account.

How Do You Use Your Free Minecraft Code?

Once you have generated your code you simply need to log into your account using your username and password on the Minecraft main website. Once you have logged into your account, you will be given the option to enter your Minecraft code. Enter your newly obtained code and you will automatically be upgraded to your premium account. You will then be able to play Minecraft online.

Are Minecraft Code Generators Safe To Use?

Most of them are viruses, however, our free minecraft code generator is completely safe to use. Any codes generated are done so through our own server, not your home computer. The online generator produces fresh, unique codes every time it is used. That means that you don’t have to worry about using an old Minecraft code that no longer works or may cause problems. Minecraft Code Generators have been used by thousands of Minecraft players from all over the world without encountering any obstacles or limitations to their accounts. This is a proven and tested way to obtain free Minecraft codes to upgrade to a premium account.

History Of Minecraft

Minecraft is an indie game that was designed by Markus Persson a Swedish programmer. Later versions of Minecraft were developed by the gaming company Mojang. The original alpha version of the game was released in 2009. A later full version of the game was released in 2011. In October of the same year a version of the game was released for android and this was followed in November by a iOS version of the game. In May of 2012 an xBox Live Arcade version of the game was released for the xBox 360.

Minecraft Gameplay

Minecraft is a complex game with different elements of game play. In the building aspect of the game the players are able to develop constructions of texture cubes in a 3D world. This is not the only element in the game. Players are also able to gather resources, craft, explore and engage in combat.

Different Modes Of Minecraft

Minecraft User InterfaceThere are three main modes in Minecraft. There is is creative mode where the players are given an unlimited amount of resources, have no health or hunger and can fly. Another mode is survival, here the players need to gain resources in order prevent hunger and maintain their health. The last mode is hardcore which has the same rules survival but is harder because it deletes your worlds when you die.

Minecraft is based in an open game world where there are no defined goals that have to be achieved. This provides players with a large amount of freedom on how to play the game. Gameplay starts in the first person but you can also choose to play Minecraft from a third person perspective.

The game world of Minecraft consists of 3D objects most of which are cube like. These cube like objects are placed on a grid and represent different materials in the game world including ores, water, trees, dirt, stone and ores. Players can take these basic building blocks and place them elsewhere in order to develop constructions.

Another important element of the game world are mobs. These mobs can include predatory creatures, animals and villagers. During the day time in the game world the animals reproduce. These animals can also be hunted both for food and for materials for crafting. At night time the predatory creatures as spiders and zombies spawn. The world of Minecraft is generated as the players start to explore it. The game world is potentially infinite as players move across the horizontal plane. Even complex constructions such as electrical circuits can be developed using a material found in the game called red stone.


If you are ready to get the complete Minecraft experience and upgrade to a premium account then why not obtain your free Minecraft code today. The generator is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Best of all it is completely free and your code is available immediately.