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What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is an incredibly popular game that won the world over quickly with its quirky graphics and ever changing, challenging, exciting game play. Minecraft allows players to create and build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world. The construction options are limited only by your imagination; players can build houses, swords, creatures, and anything else that they can dream up. The game also featured a lot of other side quests and activities for the player to do. The things you can do in the game are literally limitless, making it possible for you to continue playing the game for months and even years without running out of things to do or growing bored with the game.

Unlike traditional console games where once you complete a set number of missions or play through a storyline the game ends, there is no end to Minecraft. You can build different levels to play through, find new activities to participate in, and much, much more. The game is constantly adapting to the user, making it one of the best games out there; especially for those who get bored easily. The game is also perfect for those who despise linear games and want to interact with their environment in any way that they see fit. Many console games promise that the player can interact with their environment in any way that they want, but this is often a bold faced lie. How many times have you fallen for that line only to hit a brick wall, or been unable to do something in the game that you really wanted? With Minecraft, there really are no limits to what you can do or how you interact with the world around you.

Game play:

There are several different options available. In addition to building levels and creating things, you can participate in other activities. These activities include: exploring the environment, gathering resources, crafting items, and fighting. Again, you are really only limited by your imagination. A lot of players that enjoy other games will construct levels that are similar to their favorite console games and play through them. This gives the player the ability to customize their favorite scenes from other games and completely interact with the environment that they create; no other game gives you such free reign.

There are four basic modes associated with Minecraft, and each offer the player hours upon hours of exciting fun. In some of the levels, there are creatures in the environment that will attack your character and you must take care to keep them alive. Your character will also need to eat, so in addition to fighting off creatures, gathering resources, and building to your heart’s content, you must also make sure your character is properly fed which can sometimes be a challenge.

Four Modes of Minecraft


1. Survival- this mode requires users to gather resources (wood, stone, materials, building supplies, etc.) and maintain their health and hunger. They are responsible for making sure that their character’s needs are met, and must venture around the environment collecting items to make sure that their character is properly nourished. During this mode, creatures will roam around the environment and in some instances, you must set up a camp for your character during the night to protect them from roaming creatures.

Your character can also craft a wide variety of items to help him or her along with the adventures. You can make armor, weapons, and tools which greatly increase your chances of survival. You may also trade with villagers to get supplies that you need. You can only carry a limited amount of these items and upon death, all of your items will be dropped. You can, however, pick up your items provided that you make it back to your body before it despawns.

You may also play in hardcore mode. In this mode, you will play the survival style of the game, but it will be much, much harder. Also, if you die during the game, the world you have created will disappear forever.

2. Creative- in this mode, you are essentially God. You have unlimited resources, you can fly, and your character will not feel hungry nor will you have to worry about the health. This mode is perfect for players who want to focus more on building and creating rather than taking care of their character.

3. Adventure- This mode is similar to survival, but allows the player to explore user created areas and adventures. In this mode, you will be unable to break blocks without the appropriate tools; this is done so that players can experience the map and obtain items in the way the user who created the zone intended.

4. Multiplayer- This mode allows users to play together and communicate in a single world. They may accompany each other on missions and even assist in crafting items.

What Systems are Available for Minecraft?

At first, Minecraft was released for the PC only. However, due to its popularity, fans began to demand that it be released for other platforms as well. The creators willingly obliged, releasing it for a trial run with IOS (IPhone) and Android. Once again, fans were ecstatic and began to push for console versions to be released and Minecraft responded by making it available for Xbox.

Where is Minecraft Available?

Minecraft is available worldwide, though it originated in Sweden.

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